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Introducing: the new LoLTeam.net

We've finally unveiled the new LoLTeam.net, featuring a complete redesign and a lot of great new features. We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as we prepared LoLTeam for the new season, and welcome you back!

See what LoLTeam is all about:

So what's new?

  • Completely redesigned website. We've redesigned LoLTeam with a beautiful new user interface. LoLTeam loads faster and looks better on every modern web browser and operating system.
  • Powered by LeagueLib. We redesigned our entire backend architecture to create our new, open-source League of Legends library, LeagueLib. This means blazing fast load times, and much more site uptime.
  • Season 2 rewards! You worked hard to earn your Season 2 borders; now you can see them around your LoLTeam player card too!
  • And of course, new Season 3 features. See information about leagues, tiers and divisions for the people you're playing with. We've even developed our own scoring formula that calculates a very close estimate of your Elo rating based on how you've been performing.
  • Lots more coming soon! Keep checking back here for the latest news. We have a few great features planned!

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